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The Benefits Of Working With An Umbraco Gold Partner

The Benefits Of Working With An Umbraco Gold Partner

To become a Gold Partner of Umbraco there is a required ‘Certification’ process, which then provides the partner with an official validation from Umbraco HQ.

It is a requirement that we have Umbraco Certified Developers on our team, this is achieved by attending official Umbraco Training Courses and scoring highly in all the exams. This means you can rest assured that any solution we provide utilising the Umbraco platform is built by highly trained professionals.

Additional as an Umbraco Gold Partner, we at Cold Banana receive a long list of benefits, but what does that mean to you? Below you will find a small snapshot of the benefits that we receive as a Gold Partner and what they mean to you

Free Umbraco training

With Umbraco offering a regular and consistent training solution for free it means that our team are regularly receiving training on the latest solutions, developing new skills and understanding best practise. 

What this means to you is that you can rest assured with our Gold Partnership with Umbraco that our team of developers skills are up to date, with a deep Umbraco knowledge.

Full Support from Umbraco HQ

We have a guaranteed lifeline directly into Umbraco HQ and their dedicated support team who are able to support us on both the Umbraco CMS and Umbraco Cloud. A guarantee that we've got direct access to the Umbraco HQ support team, should something come up in your project. A guarantee that will provide you with extra confidence and comfort that we can overcome any challenges that arise on your project.


Custom Umbraco Assistance 

Further on from the Full Support from Umbraco HQ, the custom assistance means that we have the very best foundation for your project and the ability to collaborate with some of the greatest minds behind the Umbraco CMS!


As am Umbraco Gold Partner we offer a host of different services to support Umbraco here at Cold Banana, here is a brief snapshot of some of services and products we offer.


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