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Car Finance Comparison Site

Making Car Finance Fair


Car Finance Comparison Site

Creditplus believed that an impartial and transparent car financing platform should be available, providing clear and impartial information to those that seek it.

Making Car Finance Fair

The Client

Creditplus have facilitated more than £100 million worth of car loans, making them one of the most popular car finance companies in the UK. They have the vision to combine web technology with the traditional processes of car finance to provide their customers with a superior experience to other current car finance companies on the market.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Creditplus' philosophy of bringing technology and the traditional processes together provided them with the vision of creating an impartial car finance platform.

Their concept for the platform was to provide consumers with all the information they needed to select a car finance package after comparing the very best deals available to them, along with clear and impartial information on each deal, putting the power back in the customer's hand.

As an established business, Creditplus have built strong relationships with a variety of lenders, they also have an award-winning set of processes in place, that if implemented effectively into their new solution would provide consumers with a superior online experience.

With such powerful tools available, the key challenges were to have the existing systems and processes combined into a system that effectively communicating, providing an intuitive, fast and informative view for the consumers.

Creditplus needed a development partner that understood their vision and had the technical ability to integrate the variety of systems and API’s together.

CCF Mockups

The Solution

Creditplus selected Cold Banana because of our experience creating robust .NET API’s.

Following our selection as partner of choice, we sat with their team and a variety of key stakeholders to scope the project further.

This key step in the process ensured that we were all working towards the same goal and to develop the best solution. During this scoping process, it became clear that in order to deliver the best outcome for this new platform it would need to be built as a SPA (Single Page Application).

Creditplus agreed that providing all consumers with a SPA would indeed be the best way to deliver a fast, responsive and intuitive experience. This was achieved by developing the application within VueJS and building it on .NET. Developing this solution on .NET meant that we can have different API’s communicating with each other to deliver the information needed by consumers.

In addition to creating the SPA, we also developed a Finance Calculator API that would work alongside their existing Car Finder API to ensure that the output from an application journey provided the user with a complete view of the various options available to them. Which resulted in the Compare Car Finance site which has been a great success.

Sam Bond

Cold Banana have proved themselves to be an invaluable extension to our team. I’ve worked with them on numerous projects and each time they not only deliver on the brief but provide outstanding personable support.

Sam Bond, Head of Digital Delivery, Creditplus
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