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eCommerce build with click & collect

Keeping EST 1897 running like clockwork

eCommerce build with click & collect

Est1897 the retail brand of H&T has a huge potential list of stock that they can offer their customers but didn't have the capability to capitalise on their parent companies vast network of stores.

Keeping EST 1897 running like clockwork

The client

Est1897 is the retail brand of H&T Group, set up to stock pre-owned watches from luxury brands like Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, and Tag-Heuer.

H&T is one of the oldest and largest pawnbrokers and has over 180 stores nationwide, this number of stores presents a unique challenge to their retail brand Est1987.


The challenge

The challenge

Each H&T store has an incredible range of jewellery and watches, which includes diamond rings, Rolex watches and much more. H&T wanted every customer across the UK, to have visibility and most importantly access to this phenomenal range.

The business also wanted to keep the items in their stores providing their customers with a personable experience. 

H&T are growing each year with over 180 stores, they needed a system that could not only grow with them but was capable of managing the huge inventory list. In addition to the scale of the system, they also have a vast range of skill sets utilising the system. This meant that it had to be intuitive to update stock ranges for their staff as well as looking elegant for their customers.

Est Ucommerce Umbraco Screen Grab

The solution

H&T selected Cold Banana due to our experience in building robust and secure web platforms capable of managing a huge demand.


We selected Umbraco as the CMS of choice due to its flexibility, to display an engaging, reactive, fast and robust website. 

It has an incredible ability to manage a large number of 'member' profiles meaning that H&T can easily set each staff member specific permission levels for adding stock to the site. H&T can ensure the portal is used to update content regularly, be intuitive and easy-to-use.


To provide the best possible solution we paired Umbraco with Ucommerce an enterprise .NET eCommerce solution designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with the Umbraco CMS. Simplifying the process for employees to upload items and still offering the flexibility, speed and security they needed for their website.

H&T launched this solution as its own branded EST1897, the site is capable of managing over 6000 products. It offers Click and Collect functionality, the solution also integrates with Sagepay and Close Brothers Finance, offering their customers a seamless experience.

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