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What is Umbraco Cloud

Alex Tykocki 08.05.2020
What is Umbraco Cloud

What is Umbraco Cloud


Umbraco is one of the fastest-growing most popular CMS frameworks based in C# and .NET.


Umbraco Cloud is the same hugely popular and award-winning CMS, with one key difference your CMS is a managed service now in the cloud built upon Microsofts Azures Cloud platform.

Why Umbraco Cloud

A potentially obvious question, why should I move to Umbraco’s Cloud instance for my next project when I currently utilise my Umbraco instance in Azure? What makes Umbraco Cloud different?

With all things development, the question is a little more nuanced and Umbraco Cloud can offer the following:


Automated Upgrades

Umbraco like any good CMS offers regular updates providing security fixes as well as features. These updates ensure that your platform is secure and reliable for you and your customers, as well as receiving regular feature updates to improve upon the editing experience within the CMS.

With Umbraco Cloud these updates are automated. A second site is set up for you to test to ensure the updates went smoothly, and then with a single click, those updates are live on your production environment.


Umbraco tests its updates on clones of real customer sites before rolling them out to the community to ensure their reliability. 


With automated upgrades you are benefiting from having the most up-to-date site, giving you the best level of security AND you are saving on development costs with updates applied and deployed with a single click.



With ContentFlow your content editors never need to stop producing and posting content. With the ability for businesses to deploy code changes whilst updating and adding new content to the platform.

Saving time for your content team but also increase the speed of which improvements, updates and new features are pushed live.



If your business has multiple sites running based on a master template the Baseline feature can save you a lot of time and money, with the ability to build a new site with one-click.


Further time and money can be saved by the fact with the baseline feature you can update the master template with new components features, or code improvements and again with just a couple of clicks you can deploy those changes not to just one site but all the sites based on the master template.


If you had 5 sites and deploying a change to all of your sites took 1 day per site that would be a week’s worth of work, with Baseline on Umbraco Cloud it would take 1 day.


Umbraco Cloud vs ‘Local’ Umbraco



Umbraco Cloud

Umbraco Local





One-click spin ups

Manual server configuration for new instances


No additional fee

Annual fee and manual install


Deployment and editing simultaneously

Editing has to be paused whilst a deployment takes places

Umbraco Cloud 2
U Cloud

Why Cold Banana and Umbraco Cloud

Here at Cold Banana, we have been working extensively with Umbraco Cloud with 1000’s of hours of our development on cloud projects from our very own site, through to a Global Brands site, and we have won an Umbraco Award for Best Cloud Solution.


For that Global Brand we have taken advantage of every feature Umbraco Cloud has to offer as well as developing several more integrations, a key feature for this business was Baseline with this business operating across the globe with over 30 regional offices they need a solution that would provide their customers in each locale with a high-quality localised experience whilst keeping the cost manageable, with baseline they are able to create multiple sites based on the master template meaning each site has a relatively low cost to deployment, additionally further developments are built centrally and then pushed to all the regions providing the Head Office with a level of control and agility they hadn’t had before.


Cold Banana’s work on this project has been nominated for a series of awards and soon we will hopefully update this to say our work on this project has won several awards.