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Umbraco Support what is it and do you need it?

Alex Tykocki 10.05.2020
Umbraco Support what is it and do you need it?

In today’s day and age, many businesses rely on their website. This dependence varies from business to business with the impact ranging from an inconvenience for your customers and potentially lost revenue, through to the inability to function as a business which may cause lost revenue for every minute the site isn’t functional.


A Support Level Agreement (SLA) helps mitigate that risk and with a development partner, you have peace of mind that should an issue arise you have someone on hand who you trust and know to be able to get your site operational again within a pre-agreed timescale.

What Support contracts are there and how do I know what is right for me?

Support packages are as nuanced as your business and small changes in key areas can make a huge difference. We will try to highlight some of the more common conditions you will see in a support contract and help you understand what you and your business needs;


Traditional Retainers 

This is the most popular support option for businesses. You pay a fixed monthly fee which provides you with a set amount of hours per month, should anything go wrong with your platform, you have an agency on hand who are able to fix the issue for you with a pre-defined time frame. This retainer rose to popularity as it provides business with forecastable costs, with this traditional model you will often find it has a low hourly rate BUT comes with the downside that if you don’t use the hours that month you will lose them.

Pay As You Go As the name suggests, you pay for the support you use each month. You would have the same pre-agreed SLA as the Retainer clients but you will pay for the time used at the end each month, often at a slightly higher rate than a traditional retainer.


Rolling Hours 

Built on the same foundation as the ‘Traditional Retainer’ you will pay a fixed fee each month for a number of hours, should you not use the hours in one month these hours can be rolled over to the following month, often with a maximum number of months rollover available. This adjustment to the support contract is more aligned with you and your business as it is likely your need for support will not remain consistent from month to month.


Development Support Retainers 

One of the newest and least common support retainers builds upon the ‘Traditional Retainer’ where you still pay a monthly fixed fee for a set number of hours, but the change comes with how the hours can be used. With this variation, a business can utilise the hours they have paid for in the traditional way to resolve issues/bugs on the site, and they can be used to complete development work. Utilising this retainer means that you are less likely to lose many hours each month and you can continually improve your website and/or platform.

Why Cold Banana is the top choice for Umbraco Support

At Cold Banana, we believe that every business is different so why offer a restrictive one-size-fits-all support contract? We take the time to understand your requirements and build a bespoke support package that fits you and your businesses needs.


To us every customer is important and we believe in giving every business the highest level of service so that’s why you won’t see a Bronze, Gold, Platinum tiering system based on your spend with us.


We believe in what we do, the services we provide and the confidence you will have in our contract We believe in it so much that we also don’t force anyone into lengthy contracts. 


You decide what you want from your support partner and we work with you to build and deliver upon a service where everyone is happy.


You want predictable support cost? You’ve got it! Don’t want to lose the hours at the end of the month? That’s ok we will roll them over! You have built up a bunch of rolled over hours and you want to build a new module for your site? We can do that.


Agencies often talking about being your partner but how many actually do it?

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